Alt-Pop Band Armors Embraces the Rain in "Human Touch" Video [PREMIERE]


Ahead of their forthcoming album, Who's Gonna Love Me (When I'm Not Young), Armors is finally unveiling their first-ever music video for their dynamic new single, "Human Touch." An animated alternative-pop band from Orange County, Armors is widely known for their vibrant electronics and vivid synths, and the splendid "Human Touch" definitely encompasses their perfected signature sound. The zestful "Human Touch" serves as a merciful reminder for those of us who take life a bit too seriously to treasure the precious memories we have been blessed enough to experience.

Although Armors' impressive career began in 2015, they have remained perplexing in the sense that they have never released a single music video in all these years... until today. In the conceptual "Human Touch" visual, band members Olen Kittelsen and Sam Beresford explore the rainy streets of Los Angeles dressed in classic yellow raincoats. Kittelsen holds onto a baby blue balloon as he pulls Beresford along in a red wagon as the cinematography varies from fish-eye lens to saturated color correction in between shots.  

As Kittelsen drags the heavy cart to the recognizable Santa Monica Pier, Beresford tightly sits cross-legged and tastefully performs "Human Touch" on the keyboard. By the end of the amusing music video, Kittelsen abandons Beresford shortly after he falls into the troublesome sand because he lacks the strength to carry on. Armors' Kittelsen exclusively spoke on the video, sharing with Ones To Watch,

"Sam found the wagon through a Craigslist ad. When I went to go pick it up from the friendly couple that was selling it, they asked how many kids I had, probably because I knew a great deal about wagons–specifically the Big Red Classic ATW. We'd measured it beforehand and knew it would be just cramped enough for Sam to fit. Luckily they were more than stoked than weirded out when I said it was for a fully-grown adult in a music video. They asked me to e-mail it to them when we put it out. I will be sending them this link."

Armors' debut album, Who's Gonna Love Me (When I'm Not Young) will be released on March 8 and you can catch them on tour in support of their new record this spring.

Ones To Watch has your first look at the "Human Touch" music video below:

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