Appleby Wants to Normalize the Stigma Around Self-Doubt [Q&A]

We recently covered Appleby when he released his single "Luck" last month. On Friday, he returned with his new single "After 8." A continuation of his affective stripped down guitar style, "After 8" tells the story of Appleby realizing the woman he likes is still in love with her ex. Not for nothing, heartbreak always sounds better over a guitar.

We caught up with the young crooner via email to see how he's been handling quarantine, the true inspiration behind "After 8," and what his upcoming EP will sound like. Read the full interview and listen to "After 8" below.

Ones To Watch: I know tennis was a big part of your life as a child, what do you miss about it?

Appleby: tennis was my childhood honestly lol. what i think i miss most about it though is the feeling of controlling the ball. knowing where i want to put it and then executing. impossible to have that level of control in daily life.

I've noticed that you've dyed your hair the color of a tennis ball. Is this part of you moving on?

my favorite color is green. and i thought if i ever dyed my hair that would be the first color i tried. initially the shade was darker but it's lightened up to tennis ball neon. i love it! i get a lot of comments about it when i play on Sundays haha.

How do you handle self-doubt as an artist?

i've learned this year to talk about it. not only in my music but with friends, family, and fans. i want to normalize the stigma around it. it's a common emotion, it's just not openly talked about.

What do you look for in a musical collaborator?

i like to get to know a collaborator as a person first. find common ground and establish a line of communication. usually through lunch or a phone call. that typically makes the creative process feel like you're working with a friend. even if you've just met.

You moved to LA recently, how has the transition been?

it'll actually be a year in September. transitioning was easy for me though because i planned it for about four years. thats my virgo side shining through haha. i just had to have my boxes checked first.

Has it been easy for you to create in COVID?

when i moved the first thing i did was turn my room into my sanctuary. built a space for me to record and be creative. i had a good three months with it before quarantine started. when it did, i was already comfortable and knew how to be productive from home.

Tell us the concept behind "After 8"/is this a true story?

after 8 is about me watching a girl i was into make up with her ex on her front steps after inviting me over. i felt stupid and just sat quietly in my car going through hella emotions. so yeah, it's very true. the only part that's not is that i wasn't an artist at the time. i wish i was though because i finally felt like i moved on after i wrote it a few months ago.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

my upcoming EP is full of songs i not only needed to write but songs i needed to hear. hopefully someone out there connects with them the way i do.

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