Ashnikko Reveals Next-Level TikTok, Beats & Fan Collaboration in Kaleidoscopic  "Daisy" Video


The internet's favorite blue-haired, viral feminist, Ashnikko, graces her loyal subjects with the brand new video for latest single "Daisy." In the latest development of her kingdom, the unapologetically crass and cutting 24-year-old tells a story of alter-ego Daisy and her epic plights of throat-punching rapists and "other horrible people" a la "Donald Trump."  

Drawing from the roots which helped build her into the viral sensation she is today, Ashnikko turns to the TikTok community for some colorful inspiration. Partnering with Beats and TikTok, the video incorporates four new Beats headphone colors (Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink and Lava Red) and challenges the TikTok community to create their own videos with the hashtag #BeatsDaisyChallenge. Over the past month, a "challenge" was released each week that coordinates with a headphone color, encouraging content creators to make an outrageous video that meets the brief. With over 25K submissions, Beats and Ash sifted through the masses, selecting the most creative entries to be featured in the final version of the multi-hued video.  

The video is directed by Fashion Director Charlotte Rutherford and features Ashnikko personifying the main character "Daisy" in a series of whimsical settings, sporting a colorful palette of latex-clad, platform adorning lewks. Proclaiming "Daisy" as her the favorite song she has written to date in recent Genius video, Ashnikko pulls all the stops. A striking combination of green-screen technology, TikTok magic and Ash's undeniable performance prowess, we commend our King on yet another visual masterpiece.    

Check out the video for  "Daisy" below!  

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