Ayokay's "Things Fall Apart" Sets You in a Magical Indie-Pop Landscape


Photo: Olivia Smith

Alex O'Neill, known under his moniker ayokay, has dropped his first track of 2019 with "Things Fall Apart," and it's the perfect song to help you escape the summer heat. The LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer's latest is light and whimsical in nature, yet totally danceable.  

The indie-electronic track is ayokay's first song release since his 2018 debut album In the Shape of a Dream. ayokay's "Things Fall Apart" captures all the enchanting glowyness his past songs were wrapped in, but with a more elevated pop sound. The track opens with gentle guitar strums and electronic sounds that set a magical mood. When ayokay's stand-out vocals appear, the track lifts listeners into a dreamy pop setting. In a Tweet presenting the new song, ayokay said, "This song is what tied together everything I've been working on for the past year, and felt like the only way to introduce everything that's to come." More new music soon? We're crossing our fingers.  

ayokay's latest is paired with a magical video that unfolds in an imaginary forest. The video highlights the actions of a woman who dances through rays of sunshine that burst through the cracks in the thin tree branches above her. A furry creature, who offers major  Where the Wild Things Are  vibes, is later spotted walking through the woods until the two eventually run into one another. The choreography and the story told through their movements is undeniably intriguing as the woman dances around issues in her life and interacts with the furry forest creature. The video pairs perfectly with the new track and has us all eager to see what else ayokay has under his sleeve.  

Keep your eyes peeled from more from the forward-thinking pop and EDM-influenced artist.  

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