Bakar Muses on Nepotism and the Black British Experience on  "The Mission"


Photo:  Gabriel Moses

British singer-songwriter Bakar is finally back. After a long wait, we are blessed with quite possibly one of his most experimental singles yet in the form of "The Mission." With heartfelt lyrics and an imperative message, Bakar's approach is nothing short of eye-opening.

The repetition of the line "All I want is for my kids to have some nepotism" stands out as a bold mission statement in and of itself. As a first gen Black Brit, Bakar has quite a different outlook than most of his contemporaries. He explores the concept of being a "futuristic immigrant" and the ongoing struggles around generational wealth and existing in a world that still scrutinizes people of color. Within his lyrics, he exclaims in detail that all he wants is to let his future kids grow up in a world he didn't have the comfort of experiencing. A world free of struggle and full of love.  

From the repetitive chord progression on the keys and the erratic synths, the song puts you in a state of stupor, an intoxicating trance. His flow accompanies the groovy beat with ease, allowing the song to flow diligently throughout the whole track. The bass tone is deep and crisp, bringing out a powerful and punchy low end to the song.

"The Mission" sees Bakar taking a leap into defining himself as a generational leader. Bakar, we see you. We get the mission. And with that, we're ready to hear what other heat you're about to bring on your forthcoming album.

Watch  "The Mission" video below:

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