Sub Urban Enlists BENEE For the Ominous "Uh Oh," Announces Debut Album  'Hive'


Photo: Jonathan Weiner

There simply seems to be no stopping Sub Urban. Whether the pop provocateur is delivering ominous yet infectious hits alongside Bella Poarch in "INFERNO" and "Build a Bitch," the latter of which he wrote and produced, or bursting into the scene with one of TikTok's first viral moments in "Cradles," the artist's haunting vision for pop never fails to hit its target. The latest result of this series of dark pop hits arrives in the form of the insidious "Uh Oh."

Joined by fellow viral breakout artist BENEE, "Uh Oh" sees Sub Urban in his element, making the most of his idiosyncratic production acumen and vocal delivery. Over production that simultaneously calls to mind the halcyon haze of listless childhood days and the rabbit hole spiral of waking nightmares, the two inevitable pop stars trade verses in transfixing fashion, shifting from angelic falsetto one moment to menacing hushed whisper the next. By the time the pitched-up "Uh Oh" squeals flit in and out of the impossible to look away dance the newfound duo find themselves enraptured in, you are already well under their spell.  

The hypnotic new single arrives alongside the announcement of Sub Urban's highly anticipated debut album Hive, set to release June 3 via Warner Records, and a music video that doubles as a horror short. “I feel so refreshed to finally release this song, and I am beyond thrilled to start the countdown to my debut album. Benee's presence in 'UH OH!' gives the song a much-needed level of enchantment. Though it's a shame we never met in person, she nailed her parts in this project, both vocally and in the video," shares Sub Urban.

Directed by Andrew Donoho, the video for "Uh Oh" sees Sub Urban adopting an imperfect facsimile of a Jehovah's Witness, terrorizing the cookie-cutter residents of an ideal suburban neighborhood. And while Sub Urban's character certainly screams uncanny valley to the ninth degree, at the end, we are left to wonder who is really terrorizing who.    

Watch the "Uh Oh" video below:

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