Benji Lewis Begins To Recover From Heartbreak in  "Is It Love"  [PREMIERE]


Los Angeles singer-songwriter Benji Lewis hit his stride in 2018. He released his  Together Apart EP, made his debut appearance at SXSW, and garnered a massive amount of support for his single "Ride." Two months into 2019, Benji Lewis is back and premiering "Is It Love," his first single of the year.

"Is It Love" is a moving electro-pop ballad. The song opens with the repetition of a few notes ringing from a piano, and Benji Lewis's stripped down vocals soon follow. The single revolves around the themes of letting go, moving on and trying to recover from heartbreak. Lewis is vulnerable and listeners can hear his pain and transparent emotions in lyrics like,

"Keep coming back, is it love? It ain't right. What if it's love?"

Lewis explained the backstory of "Is It Love,"

"I was going through many different emotions after having to recently let go of  someone I didn't want to, and I had to start moving on from that. I was left with a lot of  questions, the main one being and as the title suggests, is it love? What if this is  love?"

With the help of Norwegian producer Magnus Skylstad, Lewis fleshed out all of his emotions and ideas for this song which he started working on while traveling and playing shows last year. The pair eagerly worked during a recording session in Los Angeles, and the finished product was this compelling single that captured all of the sentiments that were stuck in Lewis's head.

He added,

"To me, it is such a powerfully strong song that really hits home for me because it was so raw and real when I wrote it. When we had finished recording the song, I was totally exhausted, but it felt so good having expressed everything. I left feeling a little lighter and clearer on what I want and need when it comes to live and life in general and also from this person if I were to stay."

Listen to  "Is It Love" below:  

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