BETWEEN FRIENDS Take Hold of the Aux Cord on 'i like when you shine!'


Sibling indie pop duo Savannah and Brandon Hudson, better known as BETWEEN FRIENDS, have spent the better part of 2021 releasing a series of EPs. Titled tape 001, tape 002, and tape 003, the unassuming collections culminate with i like when you shine!, a 25-song mixtape and veritable sonic playground.  

As you can likely imagine, a 25-song mixtape is certainly not easy to pin down. Throwing cohesion and tight narrative structure to the wind, i like when you shine! plays out like passing the aux cord between a close-knit group of friends whose music taste you deeply trust. It's a comparison made all the more salient with "aux," the album's opener, which serves as a symbolic passing of the aux cord from you to the duo.

BETWEEN FRIENDS spoke further on their mixtape, sharing, "This is a piece of us, something we have held very close to our hearts this year. A diary of some sorts and a sonic experiment. For ages, we have placed the mixtape format on a pedestal, from the history of frankie knuckles and dj drama all the way down to the old cassettes we'd find in our garage that belonged to our parents in the '90s. Making this was a fever dream and the most fun we've had in our studio to date. We hope that this finds its way well into your cars and your headphones. Made with luv at home by us for you."

i like when you shine! Is rife with intoxicating bouts of experimentation. From left field production detours to otherworldly pop and R&B forrays, no moment is quite like the next - the only constant throughout its 25-track run is the quality.  

i like when you shine! is everything a mixtape should be and more. Fully uninhibited by the worries and expectations of a traditional album rollout, BETWEEN FRIENDS is left to explore any passing idea to its fullest and wildest potential.

Listen to i like when you shine! below:

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