BIIANCO's New Video Is the Ultimate Embodiment of Embracing Our Eccentricities [Premiere]

BIIANCO is a unique artist boldly standing out and defying your typical norms. The electro chill-wave phenomenon does it all. She is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, a role rarely taken on by women. She has attained so much in her career thus far and her latest single "Eighteen" is the ideal representation of her teenage self envisioning the dreams she would later achieve. The encouraging anthem speaks to anyone who has felt like an outcast, eager to break free from the shackles of their small town life. The vibrantly energetic track is inspired by our childhood experiences and how they have molded us as individuals. When we are younger it can feel like it is us against the world, but as we get older we realize many of us went through the same kind of traumas.

The visuals play on this concept by featuring two extraordinary boys who like BIIANCO, display their true selves courageously. Alex Stigliano-Waite is a 16-year-old transgender male living in Los Angeles. Bullied a lot in school, he is a strong advocate for LGBTQ visibility. 15-year-old Nathan Rueppel is a Santa Cruz native that radiates authenticity and fully welcomes his quirky side. These charismatic teens provide a genuine realness to the video as it showcases the two just simply being them. From Alex actually dying his hair to Nathan doing what he does best, making imaginative costumes, the video illustrates the beauty in accepting your originality.

BIIANCO aka Gabby Bianco, proudly identifies as a queer woman. A major force for female empowerment, she hires all women crews for her videos and collaborates with other talented female artists. Previously a part of the indie-rock duo Smoke Season, her current project has evolved from a light sensual sound to more assertive and sassy vibes. Throughout the transitions though, there has always been a sense of sincerity that has remained constant. Check out BIIANCO's "Eighteen" visuals and fall in love with those colorful qualities that make you, you.