Bluesy Songstress Delacey Wins BFF of the Year Award with Heartfelt Dedication To "Emily"


Photo Credit: Aysia Marotta

Delacey has always looked up to the likes of Stevie Nicks and Billie Holiday, but she is a true character within herself. At age seven, Delacey discovered her interest in songwriting and the piano, which fostered her undying passion for music. It was only this year that Delacey made her surprise debut with the bluesy "My Man," and now she's returning with a heartfelt new single, "Emily."

Dedicated to her best friend, "Emily" is all about Delacey's incredible admiration for someone she has the utmost respect for. As always, Delacey's enthralling vocals are as soothing as can be and her laid back rhythm perfectly encapsulates the tone of this sweet track. Since Delacey literally wrote this song about her best friend, it only seems fitting for you to share this article accompanied by a sincere message to your closest friends today.

On "Emily," Delacey reflected,

"I met Emily in France making music. It was one of those rare moments in life where you meet someone you know is going to play an important part in your life forever. She's one of my best friends and soulmates and she's a badass so I wrote this song for her."

Honor your BFF by listening to  "Emily" below:

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