BRIDGE Navigates an Addictive Yet Toxic Relationship on "Make Me Miss You"


Returning with his first release of 2021, BRIDGE is back with "Make Me Miss You," a heavy-hitting track on the perils of an unhealthy love. BRIDGE, also known as Yoni Laham, is best known for his hits like "Lord Knows" and 2019's "GOMF," but on his latest track Laham takes a much more minimalistic approach to his songwriting. Departing from his past styles of making rhythmic anthems, "Make Me Miss You" sees Laham exploring new and intense sounds with his signature seductive style.

If there was one word to describe BRIDGE's "Make Me Miss You," it would be cinematic. The track sounds like a futuristic cut straight out of a Christopher Nolan movie with its steady percussion and melancholic vocal performance. As the song progresses, a massive bass track is integrated into the mix, one that adds a distorted vigor to Laham's songwriting. On "Make Me Miss You" Laham seems to know he's looking for love in the wrong place, as he's addicted to someone that he knows may not be right for him. He sings "Told you to make me miss you / Told you to make this last" in a tone so numb that it seems to be emotionally withholding. Similar to how BRIDGE finds himself caught between genres with this track (hence the name), he is stuck between the desire to be with another, and the knowledge to know better. High-pitched and warped vocal samples are found all throughout the track, perhaps representing an internal desire to cut things off, though like BRIDGE himself sings, "no goodbyes, they never last".

Luckily for fans, this is far from the last we'll hear from BRIDGE this year. Following the release of "Make Me Miss You," BRIDGE says that he plans to release "multiple EP's this year" despite busily working Martyre, a jewelry brand he co-founded with Anwar Hadid. When BRIDGE finally returns with new music, it will definitely be exciting to see what genre boundaries are crossed.