Caught in a Romantic High, LA Rapper kxvg Looks to the Future on "Titania"


After dropping two full-length projects last year, LA rapper kxvg returns this week with his newest single "Titania." kxvg (pronounced "king") made waves in 2020 with the success of his EP Gemini Spirit and album Going Nowhere Fast. He seamlessly synthesized elements of hip-hop, R&B, alternative, and even 2000's pop on those projects. Recently, fans have been treated to kxvg's first futuristic single of 2021, "Titania," a fast-paced banger that proves that he has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

Like kxvg's previous releases, "Slow Mo" and "Death Da Kid," "Titania’’ features meditations on a romantic interest that kxvg knows isn't good for him. Even though they both know it won't last, kxvg can't help but get caught up in the highs of a new and mysterious love. "Titania" reflects these themes of accelerated newness through its spacious mix and swift percussion. The well-composed track is full of glittering samples, lurching bass patterns, and hard-hitting drums that service kxvg well as he both raps and sings over them. kxvg's writing is adrenaline-filled when he delivers lines like "Well what do I know? / Feel like I been in this place before / She keep a party in bottles / Whenever her stamina low" over a racing instrumental.

True to the track's title, there is certainly an element of fantasy embedded into the single, even at its most hectic and cinematic moments. Halfway through the track, kxvg seems to reel back the chaos as ambient and ethereal pads are added to the mix. kxvg constantly switches up his flows, melodies, and delivery until "Titania" ends with a trippy and hypnotic final act - a pitched-down return to the track's first verse. The percussion is still just as hard-hitting, but this time kxvg seems to suggest that this pattern of love is a vicious cycle for him, and he desperately wants a way out.

"Titania" is an incredible showcasing of an artist hitting the ground running after the new year, especially considering the two projects kxvg released a few months ago. Full of ever-changing melodies, subtle cultural references, and a balance of vulnerability and humor, LA's kxvg is certainly an artist to watch this year. When asked about his release schedule, kxvg relayed that he was hard at work on more upcoming music, but until then, fans will be certain to keep "Titania" on repeat.

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