Channel Tres Is Underground Dance Music's New Star [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


There is an inescapable groove to the music of Channel Tres. The Los Angeles-based producer, artist, and singer finds himself moving through the enduring dance floors of Detroit House with the provocative attitude of West Coast rap to arrive at a take on dance music that feels like it could have not been reached by anyone else but him. The inherent distinctiveness of a Channel Tres record is Channel Tres himself. The sentiment itself seems simple and obvious enough, but the true weight of all it becomes apparent the second you hit play.

Channel Tres joints are increasingly becoming known for two characteristic qualities: their groove-inducing production and an effortlessly smooth voice that would make any mother blush. The Los Angeles artist's lush baritone does more than simply float across his underground club hits; it fuses with the very production to deliver a singular, indistinguishable moment on the dance floor.

First officially stepping into the spotlight with a remix of Aaron Childs' "Tangerine" that bridged the worlds of funk, soul, and dance under one glorious just-shy-of-five-minute production, Channel Tres' debut remix was one that received widespread critical acclaim. However, it would be the release of his debut and breakout single "Controller" that would put the Compton artist on the map.

Few artists can claim to have a debut as universally-acclaimed as Channel Tres. From its relaxed flow that resounded with an impossibly laidback cool, its music video that showcased an often not-portrayed warmer side of the artist's native Compton, to its infectious Detroit House undercurrent, it served as the impossible to ignore introduction of a new force in the underground dance world.

And like the best of artists, Channel Tres has proven to be a whole lot more than just an impressive introduction. Continuing to build on his idiosyncratic approach to dance music, 2018 saw the release of his lauded self-titled debut EP. Released via cult record label Godmode, the same label who graced us with the otherworldly pop magic of Shamir and 2018's breakout star, Yaeji, it cemented the fact that Channel Tres' mark in dance music as more than just a promise; it is a guarantee.      

2019 has seen no shortage of noteworthy Channel Tres offerings either, as underground dance music's new star builds on the promising foundation he laid down last year. Tracks like  "Brilliant Nigga" and the just-released  "Sexy Black Timberlake" illustrate exactly why this Compton artist is one you need to be watching and giving yourself over to on the dance floor.  

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