Cian Ducrot's  "Not Usually Like This" Is Undeniable

Photo By: Jennifer McCord

It's all happening for the Irish songwriter, producer, and artist Cian Ducrot, with his new single, "Not Usually Like This." The song's melody is infectious and exactly what you need to listen to if you're caught up in your ~ feels ~.

Raised in Cork, based in London, and sometimes working out of a studio in LA, you'll rarely ever find Ducrot without his laptop and guitar. From a young age, he studied music. He joined musicals and drama clubs, he mastered different instruments, and he won a full scholarship to study classical flute at the Royal Academy of Music - one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the world. For Ducrot, music was a relief. Having grown up in a turbulent household, it was his outlet to escape trials of abuse. Creating original music became even more healing, and after a short trip to LA, he knew that he had something he needed to say in pop music, resulting in him dropping out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a mainstream artist.

Ducrot says that he learned a lot from writing "Not Usually Like This," and that it was "both difficult and easy." He really dug into his past and wrote "about something that [he] previously wouldn't have been able to put into words." The elements of this song are all in perfect harmony. The muffled guitar in the beginning teases the expansiveness of sounds and concepts that are to come as the song and its narrative arc transpire. Ducrot tells a clear and heart wrenching story of trying to cope with his ex-lover moving on to someone new. We can all relate to wondering what more we could have given, and if it would have been enough to make a person stay.

"Not Usually Like This" is an undeniably good song. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more to come from savvy new songwriter, Cian Ducrot. Watch the video below.