CLUB INDGO Introduce Themselves to the World With "Are You In The Room" [Premiere]


CLUB INDGO is making a bold entrance into the industry with their deliciously hypnotic debut single "Are You In The Room."

With lyrics yearning for the ghost of a lover laid over a piano driven instrumental, this track finds a way to coil itself around your spine. Sanća's haunting vocals feel like red wine, flickering candle light, and unspoken desire.

A seven-member creative consortium, there's nothing about this New England-based collective that can be boxed by a label, which is the secret ingredient to their honey. Trying to bottle their essence would only dishonor it, evident in the way they're able to blend so many sounds and create something newly their own.

As we mourn the demise of BROCKHAMPTON, we can find comfort in knowing that the magic of group talent is still alive and thriving. But while CLUB INDGO is new to the scene, they're also not totally unfamiliar. Amidst gifted songwriters, photographers, vocalists, and producers, Boston rap collective ILL ADDICTS offer their talents, already having established their fair share of Spotify milestones on their own.

But when you bake together individual ingredients that are already redeemable in their own right, the dessert you get is an entirely new experience, introducing you to flavors otherwise unimaginable if not in collaboration. Sanća, Juelz, ProSwervez, ALI, Dochee, Buu, and Dalvin Lopes are all uniquely delicious, but CLUB INDGO is the savory harvest bowl we can't get enough of.

Watch the  "Are You In The Room" video below:

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