Dagny and Steve Aoki Perfect an Electro-Pop Fan Favorite With "Hit Your Heart"


Pop singer Dangy is a free spirit in every essence of her career. Every song she releases has its own unique flare and her latest single, "Hit Your Heart," is no exception. "Hit Your Heart" features the iconic DJ, Steve Aoki, who embellished the already fan-favorite track with horns and organic percussion.  

Months before she even stepped foot into the studio, she performed "Hit Your Heart" live on tour and realized the crowds' immediate love for the song. When Dagny saw the wave of positivity for her live performances of "Hit Your Heart," she sent a demo to Aoki, who instantly wanted to be a part of the magic. Aoki commented on working with Dagny,

"This collaboration came naturally I think to both of us. Her voice is so luscious and adaptable that I felt like I had a lot of musical freedom to produce something that would suit her vocals. She could fit into any genre, and that's something I really admire about her."

While "Hit Your Heart" is fueled by a bold production, it also showcases Dagny's hypnotic and soulful vocals. This is the first single Dagny has released from her lineup of new music that she has been perfecting in and out of the studio. Dagny shared the inspiration behind the track,

"The song is about a very relatable situation. You have a person in your life who needs to just take some time off from everything and realign. This person goes through a transformation and comes back stronger and healthier with more to give. It's like you're watching a phoenix rise from the ashes. The individual has this new determination to become a better person. It's a really powerful story overall. 'Hit Your Heart' has been a favorite of the fans, and Steve helped me get it 100 percent right, so it's time to share this one."

Listen to  "Hit Your Heart" below:

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