Dave B Urges Us To Disconnect in Order to Connect in "CPU LUV"


You, reading this article through a digital screen, are the subject of Dave B's infectious new bop "CPU LUV." Hailing from Seattle, Dave B brings the West Coast spirit in this extremely exciting preview of his sophomore album, Bleu, set to drop on June 7. Known for his effortlessly flawless creations, Dave B has been a bright star in the hip-hop world since his debut in 2015. For the past four years, Dave B has worked towards crafting his impeccably intimate sound, letting the world see an entirely new side of him, exemplified in "CPU LUV."  

On the inspiration of his new single, Dave B shared:

"'Love me like you do your computer, love.'  I don't require hella attention but I don't think anyone likes to repeat themselves. I think we were in LA or some shit n I just noticed how shorty and all the homies just be locked in to their phones to the point where n*ggas became unresponsive.  That's kind of what it is for this generation I feel like… so I wrote this."

We all know the feeling. Scrolling through Instagram at 2 AM, clicking through Snapchat, fully immersing ourselves into someone else's life. As opposed to late night booty calls with no emotional connection, Dave B is asking for  whole hearted, all consuming love. This change is demanded through his skillful songwriting, playful production, and brilliant bars. The diverse sound emitted by "CPU LUV" can be attributed to Dave B's wide range of influences, from Kanye West's lyricism, to Erykah Badu's gorgeous melodies, to Jimi Hendrix's lively energy.

The accompanying music video for "CPU LUV" brings us to an era where cell phones weren't in control of our lives. Where people worked in cubicles using floppy disks (but we still aren't entirely sure what those did). Dave B goes from a simple office worker, stressed out playing solitaire all day, to a rich baller in jail. There's a disconnect between the two events, just like the separation between people obsessed with their phones and the real world. Feel the disconnect from reality firsthand in "CPU LUV" down below:

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