Dijon's "CRYBABY :*(" Is a Breathtaking Display of Raw Emotion


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With his most recent release, "Good Luck," Dijon further demonstrated he is one of today's most underrated artists. The single provided an insightful ballad of somber reflection and properly overcoming a failed relationship. With minimal production and a golden voice, the track was a step back from the innovative production fans had come to expect. Despite not being a grandiose display of Ableton mastery, the track was everything that is expected of a Dijon single. It was unique, masterfully layered, and overall majestic.  

To welcome in November, Dijon brought to the world another single to accompany "Good Luck," "CRYBABY :*(." Make sure not to forget the classic emoticon. The track is emotional, powerful, and exciting. Telling a tale of empowerment, Dijon writes in regard to not being everything someone may want. Explaining in the second verse, "Maybe I’m an idiot being for trying / Hard to be somebody that you want me to be." Both the second and first verses work towards the same climactic moment, with the strong echoing, "Well I don't mind if you see me cry," featuring mounting vocal layers cascading into a wave of grandiose harmony.  

The chorus on the track features the simple refrain of "You know I can be your crybaby," which is enhanced with several background harmonies, mirroring the effect of a choir. This may be Dijon's best vocal performance to date, as each sound is perfectly round and rich, providing a sense of strength and comfort. The expressiveness in each line provokes a sense of emotion only he is capable of achieving. With each "I don't mind if you see me cry," the listener can sense the sort of ownership and empowerment that comes with the simple act of being a self-proclaimed crybaby.  

Throughout the experience that is listening to "CRYBABY :*(,"   there is a masterful transition between the larger-than-life vocals and more subdued deliveries. The swelling of the track comes seemingly out of nowhere without ever feeling overwhelming. Listening to "CRYBABY :*(" is a liberating experience akin to traveling through the peaks and valleys of owning your own innermost emotions.

As for the production, Dijon once again finds a clean blend of bassline, risers, and subtle drums. Most of the work is carried by the awe-inspiring vocal layers. As the track comes to the close and the instrumentation gets a moment to shine, there is a welcomed guitar solo that sends the track into its last few sounds. The last few sounds being a mixture of a few lasers and babies crying, yet somehow, it sounds beautiful. It shouldn't really make sense but it definitely does.

With the release of his two most recent singles, Dijon illustrates his promise as a culture-pushing artist. With a degree of songwriting and musicality that is second to none, the spotlight should be shining brighter than it already is on the 26-year-old savant. Dijon is the present and the future of indie music.  

Watch the video for  "CRYBABY :*("below:"

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