Dylan Jordan Finds It Hard to "Love Again" After Devastating Breakup [ACOUSTIC PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Brighton Galvan

A soul-stirring singer-songwriter from Orange County, Dylan Jordan was first discovered by his promising role as a digital influencer, but he later decided to pursue music as one of today's rising pop artists with a veracious talent for songwriting. No stranger to raw feelings and honest lyricism, the 20-year-old often explores the enticing concept of love in his endearing discography. If you've been searching for a talented new artist to obsess over, a  beautiful acoustic rendition of "Love Again" is Jordan's special Valentine's Day gift to you.

The original "Love Again" features heavy electronics and layered vocal overdubs, but Jordan has unveiled a vulnerable side to himself with a stripped version of the emotive track, setting himself apart from most up-and-coming musicians. Written while Jordan was painfully struggling with a devastating breakup, "Love Again" sees Jordan questioning his ability to open his heart up to someone new eventually, considering the fresh wounds of this lengthy relationship. It's a little known fact that Jordan marks an "xx" on the single cover artwork of his most meaningful tracks to symbolize his hopeful twentieth year, and "Love Again (Stripped)" has definitely proved itself worthy of this heartwarming recognition.

Dylan Jordan exclusively shared with Ones To Watch:

"This song was inspired by my recent heartbreak. My friend was sitting out on my balcony playing some chords as I got off the phone with my ex. I was in tears as I hung up the phone and this hook came to me instantly. This song is very close to me, and I hope it can help others through whatever emotional pains they are dealing with. I wanted to release 'Love Again' in a stripped version to highlight the emotional nature of the track. These lyrics are very close to my heart and I want the song to really resonate with my listeners. 'Love Again (Stripped)' is the first of many acoustic tracks to come. This year, I want to write several more 'raw' songs to build a stronger connection with my audience by showing them a different side of me."

Take emotional comfort in Dylan Jordan's acoustic stylings with "Love Again (Stripped)" below:

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