Easy Life Release Two Much-Needed Lockdown-Inspired Tracks


Photo: Jack Bridgland

Easy Life's music often feels like an escape unto itself. The Leicester, UK quintet draws upon the optimistic gospel rap of Chance the Rapper, the affected songwriting of Arctic Monkeys, and the infectious beats of J Dilla to deliver a sound and vision that is entirely their own. It is a sound and vision defined by wild inventiveness and the sign of a constantly-present silver lining just on the horizon.

While the band, like many of us, currently find themselves on day ??? of lockdown, today sees the release of see you later maybe never (demos). Featuring two new singles, the quarantine-inspired releases bring their half-glass full outlook to both "peanut butter" and "petty crime."  

"peanut butter" finds Easy Life in their natural element, seeing frontman Murray Matravers delivering a genuinely stirring ode to peanut butter, wishful thinking, and an unnamed romantic other. The entire affair is tinged with hints of sonic sunshine, bringing with it a much-needed dose of Vitamin D.

Meanwhile on "petty crime," Easy Life walks us through a daily routine that could belong to any of us. From listening to Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence every morning in the hopes of staying sane, killing time riding around the block, to childlike flights of superhero-filled escapism. it reads like a sincere outpouring of someone doing their best to escape what feels like a never ending loop. The Leicester band spoke further on the new pair of releases, sharing,  

"[’see you later maybe never (demos)’ are] two tracks we've cooked up since the dreaded corona started. We wanted to put something out to spare people from the infinite boredom that is lockdown and also just to keep ourselves entertained. pretty simple really, just a couple of tunes to make people smile and get them through the day."

In addition to the two new singles, Easy Life have confirmed that they are currently busy working on their highly-anticipated debut album, which will feature production from Bekon (Kendrick Lamar) and FINNEAS.

Listen to see you later maybe never (demos) below:

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