Elliot Lee and  GIRLI Unleash Daring "Pink (Freak)"  Remix


Bold Brooklyn-based artist Elliot Lee bares their most authentic self with everything they do, from their distinctive aesthetic to unapologetic music. They create a raw style that draws comparisons to the likes of Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish while retaining their own singular identity, seamlessly blending dark pop and electronic landscapes.  

When asked to define their musical style, Elliot says, "Honestly I have never even considered defining a specific style or creating a sound" for myself. I've just always made what feels right in the moment and written words that help me heal. I like to think that my music is just an extension of who I am, and so it's just as simultaneously multifaceted and cohesive as my existence is."

The latest product of that multi-faceted is the cutting “Pink (Freak) Remix,” featuring GIRLI. Both versions of the song are fierce and hard-hitting but also contrast each other as well. When asked how the reinvention differs from the original, Elliot shares, "I think the biggest difference is that the story is being told from a new perspective. It's so exciting to see my song take on new life through how GIRLI experiences being a 'Pink Freak.'" Elliot chose to highlight the color pink as it represents their past shame. They add, "As someone who rejected pink and femininity and softness for a long time, it symbolizes a pact with myself to not feel shame toward any aspect of myself anymore."

GIRLI is a British singer, songwriter, and rapper who effortlessly melds bubblegum pop, punk, and rap. With a style that is similar to Elliot's, she describes her sound as "alternative pop with a punky edge." She was attracted to Elliot Lee’s “Pink (Freak)” because she considers herself a pink freak too. Finding a kindred spirit in the song, she instantly connected with the the themes of identity, mental health, and feeling judged by others.

Much like GIRLI, Elliot's fans also resonate with those daily hardships. Labeled the "Bubblegum Army," they are warriors suited up for battle. Talking about her fans Elliot says, "I just feel like anyone who is drawn to me and my music is probably in the same boat as me in that they're someone who is willing to fight for the acceptance of others. So we're the bubblegum soldiers."

GIRLI explains that her favorite part of collaborating with Elliot Lee on the remix was writing the lyrics and seeing fans resonate them. She reveals, "Elliot and I chatted on Instagram and really got along, they're such a sweetheart and we have lots of similar experiences."

Watch the  "Pink (Freak) Remix" visualizer below:

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