Emei Welcomes the 'End of an Era' With Fiery, Fierce and Unapologetic EP

With social media being so prevalent these days, oftentimes we fall into the trap of comparison. As you scroll through the feeds of old classmates and friends, it is far too easy to become envious, specially if it seems like they are so far ahead in life. Sometimes you have to remind yourself it is okay to be "late to the party." Alt-pop rock artist Emei’s EP End of an Era details that feeling of inadequacy many of us face in young adulthood. With each piece, she portrays feelings of frustration, regret, longing, and sorrow that explode with palpable passion. 

Opening with the vibrancy of “Late To The Party,” Emei sets the stage in addictive fashion. Her syrupy, soulful vocals pour atop shiny synths and boisterous bass to create the ultimate edgy tune. The song narrates the saga of a lonely late bloomer.  She sings, “Someone from high school just got engaged, while I’m out here making minimum wage,” a cutting line that could not be more relatable.

You know how you can count sheep to help you get to sleep? Well, instead Emei is up late at night counting regrets. “Regrets” is an angst-filled grungy track about life’s biggest disappointments. Our lives have so many twists and turns. There are good decisions and bad ones, but unfortunately, we don’t get a do-over. Emei reminds us to take every mistake as a learning lesson and grow from it. 

Packing a punch, “That Girl” is a thrashing headbanger giving off some serious Olivia Rodrigo energy. We all dream of being the “it” girl, the type that brags about her hot girl walks and designer purse collection, the girl that is always dressed in the best outfits with her hair perfectly done up. We beat ourselves up if we feel like we aren’t at their level, and Emei is no stranger to dealing with her share of self-doubt. This track truly captures that toxic self-loathing brought about by comparison.  

Emei is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve. Her unfiltered lyrics are utterly intoxicating. Getting her start as the top three on Chinese Idol, her craft has only immensely enhanced since. And as End of an Era signals the shift from one period to the next, we can't wait to see what's to come for this rising star.

Listen to End of an Era below:

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