ESHAAN on The Future, Spontaneity and Amplifying His Act

Living life with no rulebook is Australian artist ESHAAN’s only rule.

“There’s no rulebook, especially when you’re doing shows. For me the only rule that I have is to make sure that the show is as fun and exciting as can be”.

From wanting to swim with manta rays to performing in front of six thousand people as his first live show at Mardi Gras’– this Eora Nation-based singer-songwriter is as hard-hitting as his music. A newcomer to the music scene, ESHAAN is representing one of many Western-Sydney artists waiting to make their name known down under. While still in the infancy of his career, his addictive confidence, humour and stage presence demands attention, often comparable to musicians with years of experience. 

With a sound alike to BROODS and Ashwarya, ESHAAN makes music reflective of pop culture today. “I make really weird music about really weird things. Right now, we’re in the space age of my music, which I write about the future, conspiracies and things that are big in pop culture at the moment”. His debut single ‘Back To The Future’, sports atmospheric layering of vocals that bring you to euphoria. Written from a dream state – quite literally, the track gives listeners pensive lyrics, while intertwining with distinct percussions that allude to a much greater concept. ESHAAN isn’t bound by any ropes, blending and blurring the lines between pop, indie and electronic music.


It wasn’t until his latest years where he found a medium to channel his music into. Like many aspiring young creatives, finding their place within a genre is more difficult than it seems, but as the months flew by ESHAAN moulded his art to what it is today – blending intricate lyricism, ambient synths and immersive melodies. “I even went through a dance phase, an indie phase and now we’ve landed in a playlist with 800 different genres in it, where you would just shuffle and think “wow that’s a really weird one””.

With the aspiration to create an alluring performance for everyone, his stage is one that delves deep into thoughtful concepts shaped by his vivid imagination and drive to create an enjoyable act. “I want to make it a very big conceptual piece, so I do want to make it one big art show. So, people walking into an immersive atmosphere, compared to them just walking into an audience”.

“The way I like to capture my audience is to grab their attention from the get-go. Audience interaction is also a huge thing and making sure you’re vibing with the audience, otherwise they ain’t gonna vibe with you back”.

Two sides of the same coin, ESHAAN is both an artist and a fun-loving person. While he takes his music career much more intensely, his wit and charm expose his more spontaneous aura. “Being spontaneous for me is just taking as it comes, not really planning – just doing. I’m a very goofy and just do whatever you want kind of person, but with music it’s very intense and hard-hitting. Being spontaneous is where the fun is because you never know what’s going to come for you or which is going to be the next step”.

ESHAAN doesn’t fall far from an active artist. His next single ‘Simulation’ comes off the back of his debut track ‘Back To The Future’ A whirlwind of emotions, the single challenges the power one has over their destiny.

With an EP also releasing in the future, we’re excited to see what he has next up his sleeves!

'Simulation' is out now. Stream his newest single here

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