Fall in Love with Eighty Ninety's Movie Soundtrack Sound With "10K Summer Nights" [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Ashley Yu

Eighty Ninety is a combination of efforts by brothers Abner and Harper James that results in an effervescent minimalistic indie pop soundscape. Spending most of this year searching for a suitable management label, Eighty Ninety decided on Hard 8 Working Group, which is home to Billie Eilish and Ones To Watch heartthrob FINNEAS. After receiving notable praise from pop icon Taylor Swift, Eighty Ninety is back for more with the blissfully romantic "10K Summer Nights."

Opening with a grappling acoustic guitar, "10K Summer Nights" features soothing vocals layered against a calming rhythm. No stranger to penning songs about love, Eighty Ninety focuses on the hopeless young love we've all experienced one time or another in "10K Summer Nights." Eighty Ninety's emotive tunes embody authenticity and artistic growth in every way, and "10K Summer Nights" is no exception.

On "10K Summer Nights," Eighty Ninety exclusively shared with us,

"With '10K Summer Nights,' we wanted to capture that widescreen feeling of being young and hopelessly in love. How everything around you–from the stars to the sky to the busted headlight on your car–seems to reflect that love and intensity of feeling. To us, the image of a summer night evokes the feeling that you can do anything, be anyone, but also that you're safe. Ten thousand summer nights is a hundred years' worth of those nights. A lifetime with that person."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "10K Summer Nights" below:

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