Forces Collide in Shady Blu and Babyface Ray’s “Topic Of Discussion”

Los Angeles multi-hyphenate Shady Blu makes her long-awaited return this week with her new single “Topic of Discussion,” a dulcet and dreamlike banger that features the Long Beach County singer-songwriter collaborating with none other than Detroit’s Babyface Ray. It’s been a minute since we last heard from Blu, as her debut track “Jealousy,” which synthesized ambient R&B and SoCal Soul, dropped over six months ago. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but based on the visual for “Topic of Discussion,” it seems like Shady Blu hasn’t skipped a day in the studio since her debut.

Signed to MixedByAli’s label NoName Recordings back in 2021, Shady Blu immediately established herself as one of the West Coast’s best-kept secrets due to her unique affinity for clever songwriting and forward-thinking take on R&B, and “Topic of Discussion” is no exception. By combining spacious synths and hard-hitting hip-hop lyricism, Shady Blu makes a strong case for 2023 being her year. On a track that is just as downtempo as it is energetic, Shady Blu instills every moment with a distinctly cinematic feel that immediately makes “Topic of Discussion” one of the most refreshing releases of the year. If you look up ‘effortless’ in the dictionary, you’ll even see clips of the track’s Hidji-directed visual showcasing Blu and Babyface Ray trading verses in the barber shop and corner store.

In a genre plagued with song-of-the-day artists grasping for clout, Shady Blu stands alone with her own signature sound, and the skills to back her up. By pairing hazy R&B with a distinct LBC bounce, Shady Blu is an artist that deserves both your eyes and ears this year - and with an EP on the way, we’re excited watch her get her (well-deserved, and long-overdue) flowers.

Watch the "Topic of Discussion" video below:

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