Gabe Goodman's 'New Things' EP Is the Indie Soundtrack of a Love Story

Photo by S. Holden Jaffe

Attention fans of Pinegrove, Phoebe Bridgers, or Del Water Gap (especially Del Water Gap because he has co-written a number of his songs), get ready to have Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Gabe Goodman, added to your listening rotation.

Goodman's Spotify bio simply reads, "sensitive-ass music," and that's really all you need to know. This description perfectly echoes his music: It's direct, honest as hell, and doesn't contain any unnecessary fluff. His moderately produced sound has a tremendous sense of warmth, and his generous use of the acoustic guitar makes you feel like you're sitting in his living room while he plays an impromptu song just for you. Goodman has a raspy voice, plays a guitar that seems slightly out of tune, and uses irregular phrase lengths and time signatures, but his sound is incredibly unique and endearing, and it keeps the listener on their toes.

In addition to four recently released singles, New Things brings three brand new tracks to the mix, and with the compilation fully collected the EP tells a cohesive story. On the opening track "Immortals," Goodman details a crush or relationship that isn't good for him. But on the final line of the song he shows a budding sense of optimism, and sings, "And in time I’ll feel immortal when you aren’t with me." This phrase flows perfectly into the opening line of the very next song, where Goodman recognizes that time heals all wounds as he proclaims, "Be patient it will come back." Later in the EP, Goodman sings "I don’t want to be the villain, but I know I’m destined to become," and on the final track "Two Delusions," he acknowledges why his past relationships may have soured saying, "I fear that I've fallen in love with the idea of my own suffering." The continuity of storytelling across New Things is well crafted, and as a whole, the EP is a beautiful description of a recurring cycle of romance, break-ups, introspection, and optimism.

Goodman's music is sensitive, almost depressing, but in a relatable and hopeful way. As much as his trials and tribulations are unique to him, he sings of themes that anyone can identify with. He has a knack for explaining emotions in a way that us less-poetic types may not be able to put into words. You feel yourself saying "same here" or "exactly" when listening to Gabe Goodman. He's an excellent storyteller, and the narrative feel of New Things makes it the perfect soundtrack for any tale of love, loss, and personal growth, may it be yours or someone else's.

Listen to New Things and watch the live performance of "Unlovable" below:

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