Grant Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve in "Hell Yes, I'm Betting on You"

Born in the countryside outside of Sweden, GRANT always had a natural affinity towards music, making her musicality and success inevitable. Her early influences range from Tricky, Massive Attack, Bjà¶rk, and other artists largely instrumental to the 90's alternative scene, to more classical elements of jazz. Her latest release, "Hell Yes, I'm Betting on You," hears GRANT fuse aspects of this iconic era of pop with elements of house and UK garage music, crafting a hypnotic masterpiece.

The single is a significantly more optimistic take on romance than the singer normally possesses. In her own words,

"I aspire to be a pragmatic romantic. I don't believe in the idea of lifelong love, but I do believe love can last a lifetime through belief and determination. Lyrically through the song, I wanted irony and sincerity to push and pull this point of view. My last single "Words" was very straightforward and conversational, whereas this is more of an internal battle. Cynicism getting fucked by hope. It was meant as a joke, but I really am dead serious."

"Hell Yes, I'm Betting on You" showcases GRANT's bone-chilling vocals as she makes the fearless and hopeful declaration of commitment. The raw honesty of her lyricism is masked behind the darker synth-pop production. With her EP, 'Vertigo' set to release in October, this single provides an exciting glimpse into the new era of music being crafted by GRANT.

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