Hans Williams' Emotional "Body on My Shoulders" Will Have You Fighting Back Tears

Introducing Hans Williams, the nineteen-year-old Vermont native making a splash in the industry with his first single in 14 months. Constructing a sound that's hard to nail, Williams has embodied the hard hitting feeling of his folk roots with the ever-so popular catchiness of the alt-pop genre. Pulling from deep personal experiences and hardships from this past year, Hans Williams showcases his newest song "Body on My Shoulders" to the world.

"Body on My Shoulders" is a song that will leave you choked up with tears swelling up in your eyes. Williams tells the story of his first year at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Within the first few days of his college career, Williams was a first responder to his floormate's suicide. From the suffering and grief Williams endured in just the first few days of school, it's something he'll never forget. With every hardship endured, you look for outlets to help you cope with the tragedy of loss. For Williams, it was creating a song that expresses what he's gone through and the steps he's taken to better himself, and he strives for this song to be one that resonates with others going through similar losses in their life.

Tell me, tell me that I'll be fine

I crashed down your door just to see if you're inside

Cause oh in my head you come alive (alive)

We pump your chest ‘till your breath comes back to life

Hans Williams has a way with words. His lyrics are powerful and heavy-hearted. His ability to emotionally connect with his listeners through his words and the tone of his voice is nothing less than magical. Teaming up with his lifelong friend, Phin Choukas, they orchestrated a song so meaningful it creates a knot in your chest while listening. It's not easy putting out a song with such deep rooted meaning, but Hans Williams has proved his ability to move his listeners. This young new artist carries something special with him, and we're excited to see what comes next from him.

The first $1,000 earned from 'Body on My Shoulders' will be donated to the JED Foundation.

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