Havelock Flirts With the Idea of Hedonism in "Pheromones"


Sauve London-based musician Havelock returns with his new single "Pheromones". While the up-and-coming artist may only be in his first year of releasing singles, he has received a warm welcome to the music scene. His previous singles "Pig Latin" and "Vacancy" have received praise from the likes of Radio 1, Complex, Elevator, and Clash, and Hilly Dilly.  

In this new single, Havelock creates a groovy atmosphere accompanied by a playful melody and upbeat percussion. While the music is sultry in and of itself, the flirtatious lyrics add another layer to the song's sensuous textures.  

When questioned about the motivation behind creating "Pheromones", Havelock explained:

"We spent half the session listening to The Neptune’s and talking about how great their work was on Justin Timberlake’s 'Justified'  album - hence why there’s a bit of sonic influence there. We mainly just wanted to make a song that just ebbs and flows nicely - where the listener doesn’t have to pay attention to the lyrics too much, they can just have a boogie and let the hedonistic mood of the song wash over them."

Listen to "Pheromones" below,  and be sure to check out Havelock's first-ever headline show at The Waiting Room in London on September 30.  

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