It's Zella Day's "Game," And We're Playing It


Photo By: Neil Krug

On the heels of her comeback single, "People Are Strangers," the enigmatic Zella Day has returned with the anthemic "My Game."

The Dan Auerbach-produced single is a lively disco frenzy. Featuring Latin-inspired percussion, country-western riffs, and '70s psychedelic rock trademarks, "My Game" is a cheeky departure from the poised "People Are Strangers."

Day challenges her opponent from the other side of the poker table, down the barrel of her gun, and across the dance-floor. She sings, "Now you're playing my game, my game / Is it a shock when you're not on top?" The song embodies a Killing Eve-esque cat-and-mouse chase, evoking a bizarre synthesis of push and pull, of both threat and invitation.

Says Zella of the single, "'My Game' is a feverish time travel into every dimension where the hustle is on the floor. It's a disco game board with a pair of cherry red dice rolling in my favor."

The accompanying visual for "My Game" sees Zella Day channel a curious blend of Yzma and Black Widow. The Phillip Lopez (Lauv, James Arthur) directed video is a vivid amalgamation of outfits and colors that culminate in a dizzying mystery novel fever dream.

"My Game" is the second single off of her Where Does The Devil Hide EP, out August 28 on Concord Records. Watch it below: