Jake Wesley Rogers - "Little Queen" [Live + Interview] | Northside Sessions

Jake Wesley Rogers' music is nothing short of haunting. Blending soulful vocal melodies, dynamic musical arrangements, and striking lyricism, Rogers' meditations evoke the likes of Sam Smith, Elton John, and James Blake. Then there is the overpowering sense of candidness that flows through every one of his songs, juxtaposing religious imagery and heart-rending love songs that unabashedly use male pronouns.

It was our pleasure to showcase this rare pop talent as part of our latest Northside Sessions. Delving into an enthralling live rendition of his standout single "Little Queen" from his sophomore  Spiritual  EP, Rogers' had us and the room in awe. And be sure to stick around as we speak to the man behind the art, as we speak to Rogers about writing on spirituality and queerness, growing up in the bible belt, self-discovery, and so much more.

Discover more of Jake Wesley Rogers' music here, and be sure to catch him on tour.  

+ Revisit our NYC  "All Eyes On" performance with Rogers below:  

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