Meet Jersey, the French DJ Duo You've Been Searching For

As self-described, Jersey is just two brothers making music.

Reaching one million streams and getting co-signed by Fred Again.., Jersey is France’s next up in electronica. Their 2023 EP The World I’m Searching For is trance-inducing, placing them on maps far beyond where they call home.

Going nearly viral for some of the most electrifying and vibrant sets spun in elegant Parisian apartments, their music is infused with the brilliance of their nonchalance. They’re fully consumed by having the time of their lives and it’s felt in every millisecond of their optimistic dance music. They’re electrified by a crowd that’s electrified by them—a feedback loop of blinding exuberance. 

There isn’t much the world knows about them beyond the pure joy of their head-bobbing, though that’s objectively part of their draw. Their Instagram photos typically distort their faces, as if they’re in on the joke. Playing with the idea of accessibility and perception, there isn’t much necessary to know beyond the fact that Jersey is house music’s latest prodigy. 

While the turntable magicians are burgeoning names in the European scene, who culminated 2023 hitting cities like Milan, Paris, and Strasbourg, TikTok has hard-launched them overseas. With comments begging them to visit every city in every corner of North America, there isn’t a single doubt that in a year’s time, they’ll be on every festival lineup with a boiler room set to accompany.

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