Johan Lenox and Ant Clemons' "You Up?" Is a Cuffing Season Anthem


As we approach the end of the year, we venture forth deeper and deeper into a global phenomenon known as "cuffing season." Whether you know this season as fall or autumn, there's no denying that there's something in the air. It's safe to say this pre-holiday period may turn out to be 2021's biggest obstacle. Thankfully, Johan Lenox returns to us with the long-awaited Ant Clemons-assisted single "You Up?," a melancholic love letter to romantic frustration and late night indecision.

This year's been a pretty big one for Johan, from releasing a handful of singles with artists like Cousin Stizz and Kevin George, transforming some of his older hits with the help of a chamber orchestra,  to currently working towards the release of his debut album What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?, which is set to release in Spring of 2022.  

"You Up?" then serves as teaser of what's to come. Over delicate plucks and string swells, Lenox's affinity for string composition and production make a highly-anticipated pairing that blends hip-hop, classical, and Johan's signature take on pop.  

Joined by an accompanying  Aamir Khuller-directed visual, "You Up?" is an easy standout amongst Lenox's growing discography. His singing is hauntingly melancholic, and every melody is so catchy that it's sure to stay in your head long after the song ends. Though obviously known for his work coordinating strings for major artists, it still deserves to be said that the strings on "You Up?" are absolutely phenomenal, especially when they sound like they're screaming to be released during the track's chorus.    

As if "You Up?" didn't already have enough going for it, Clemons pops in during the track's second half to deliver one of the most high-energy and infectious performances of his career. Though this likely isn't your first time hearing the Happy 2 Be Here artist flex his vocal talent, his collaboration with Lenox serves as the perfect example of why they're two of music's most promising up-and-coming acts. Lenox and Clemons hold nothing back over a cleverly written and string-laden banger, and even though they take their fair share of risks on this track, it pays off tenfold.

Watch the  "You Up?" video below:

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