Kavale Continues to Flourish with Release of  "Faith" Music Video [Premiere + Q&A]

The world is run by multi-hyphenates. Out of necessity, people learn skills to survive and find a way to make their dreams come true. Kavale is one of these people. The Canadian alt hip-hop/R&B artist and producer has making music on and off since the age of nine. It wasn't until after high school that he began to take music seriously.

Chasing perfection stagnated Kavale's early career. He didn't release a lot of songs because he didn't think they were finished. Perfectionism was holding him back from sharing his gifts with the world. But as time went by, he realized he needed to change his perspective and that perfection is subjective to the listener. With that hurdle cleared, Kavale released his debut EP, Time Stamp, in May. The six track EP showcases Kavale's confidence as a creator. His lyrics are punchy and driven by a symbiosis between vulnerability and bravado. Speaking on the concept of the upcoming deluxe edition of Time Stamp, he shares,

“The original EP cover has the photo of me as a child practicing music with my sister, that became the moment I fell in love it with it. Initially the project was the journey of me getting back to that point in the picture and regaining the love and passion I once had for the music. The deluxe cover is a recent picture of me because the way the project is re-organized and the songs added tell a different story and relates to where I am currently in life. The EP represents where I was and the deluxe represents where I am now and it also plants the seed for my next release later this year."

We grabbed some time with Kavale via email to learn a bit more about how he overcame perfectionism, upcoming goals, and more.

Ones To Watch: What about your childhood forced you to learn how to be multi-faceted?

Kavale: I think it was moving around a lot as a child, seeing and experiencing different things… and curiosity played a role too. I remember watching my sister doing singing lessons and just wanting to be as good as her and the students in her class, so I would copy what she would do everyday. My production side came from not being able to get beats, I got tired of creating over other artists’ instrumentals and once I found out about Kanye West being a rapper/producer, it inspired me to learn more and figure it out. Lastly I grew up in a musical home, my mom was always at work so it would just be me and my sister at home and she would blast all kinds of music from R&B, rap and pop music and as I was listening I would learn how to structure music I even went as far as printing out lyrics from my favorite songs in elementary school.

You've battled perfectionism in making music, where do you think that came from? And how did you get over it?

I think it comes from the artists that inspire me the most - like Kanye, Drake, Frank Ocean - all of their music just seems perfect to me and I always want to compete with the greatest. The sounds they use, the structure, lyrics and quality all inspired me to want to reach that level. After a while I started to realize that perfection is what you make it, what’s perfect to someone may be different for the next person.

Take us through the concept behind "Faith" the song and the video

The concept of "Faith” was really about two people in two different places expressing a desire for each other. It also plays on the thought of running into or seeing somebody all the time that you don't really know but something about them inspires you. The video is to signify me in my own thoughts/world thinking about this person and ultimately making the time and decision to drive over to where she is to make that connection real.

Tell us one thing you want to get done by the end of 2020.

I just want to get my art and perspectives out to as many people as we can. My team and I would love to enter 2021 with more eyes on what we are doing over here. I have huge plans, and while I'm still breathing the mission is to win and play my part in helping to cause a bit of change in the world.

Watch the premiere of "Faith" below.

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