Klangstof Hits  the Reset Button in "New Congress, New Father"


With a sophomore album slated for early next year, there is no slowing down for Klangstof. Not only is Klangstof the first Dutch band to perform at both Coachella and Bonnaroo, but they are also one of the best rising indie acts today. As a sweet preview of their forthcoming album, The Noise You Make Is Silent, Klangstof is treating us to the eerie "New Congress, New Father."

On "New Congress, New Father," Klangstof reflected,

"'New Congress, New Father' is one of the oldest pieces of lyrics I still had in my possession. I had a book filled with lyrics and brain farts from my time in Norway. On one of the pages there was this line and a really weird drawing that I had totally forgotten about."

Beautifully fusing electronic and indie soundscapes, "New Congress, New Father" is a mere sample of what we should expect from The Noise You Make Is Silent. At the time "New Congress, New Father" was written, Klangstof was hit with stress and anxiety beyond words. Because of all the pressure they faced, they knew they had to refresh themselves and reevaluate who they were as people and musicians, which led to the creation of "New Congress, New Father."

Klangstof expanded,

"We wrote the music in LA in January 2018, which was a pretty hectic year for us as a band. I was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. I felt like I couldn't create the album that people wanted me to create, and at a certain point I just lost all the confidence I once had. I started yelling and raging at people, just because I was terrified of everything. The only way to get out of it was to hit the reset button in my brain and start over again. That's what this song is about."

Reevaluate everything you have known about music with "New Congress, New Father" below:


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