LAUNDRY DAY Tease Major Label Debut With the Trippy "Did You Sleep Last Night?"


Photo:  Camilla Ffrench

Chances are you were most likely going to prom and signing yearbooks during your senior year of high school. But by the time LAUNDRY DAY graduated, the five-piece genre-bending outfit had already toured Europe with Clairo and boasted a featured song in Netflix's On My Block. Coming together in 2017 and emerging from New York City's Hell's Kitchen, LAUNDRY DAY has wasted no time, releasing three LPs, embarking on two headlining tours, and playing some of the biggest festivals out there.    

Their new single, "Did You Sleep Last Night?," builds the bridge between the funky, experimental sounds of Tyler, the Creator and the early punk explosion of the Ramones. The track's opening guitar riff is reminiscent of the sweet sounds of Real Estate while offering a fresh interpretation of LAUNDRY DAY's punk rock predecessors. The group quickly elevates their sound by pushing the boundary of indie rock, most apparent during guitarist Henry Weingartner's solo at the halfway mark.  

Depicted through a series of photographs and cartoon-inspired footage, the music video celebrates a new era for the group while preserving their colorful and playful nature. LAUNDRY DAY's "Did You Sleep Last Night?" is sure to leave you feeling nostalgic for the thrilling unknowns of a freshly graduated high school romance.  

"Did You Sleep Last Night?" is set to appear on LAUNDRY DAY's major label debut album, We Switched Bodies, set to release February 11.

Watch the  "Did You Sleep Last Night?" video below:

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