Little Image Lets Us in On Their New Album, 'SELF TITLED' [Q&A]

Bands are hard to come by – especially ones that are musically capable, catchy and full of vibes. With Little Image’s sophomore album SELF TITLED, the evolution of this band's vibrant, layered sound became even more raw and concise, a real evolutionary step that firmly caught our attention. As always wanting to know more about this ‘alt trio of misfits’ we reached out to lead singer Jack to dig into the inspirations, hockey updates, and band life in general.

Ones To Watch: Who is Little Image?  

Little Image: we want little image to be a safe place for people to come and feel welcome and supported. We as the band members are just a small part of the bigger picture which is the people who involve themselves in our music. 

What’s your new album all about?  

SELF TITLED is simply about falling in love with yourself. In today’s culture, we’re constantly bombarded with this pressure to look a certain way and act a certain way, and we hope the album is encouraging for people to embrace who they are and not who everyone else wants them to be. 

 You’ve been a band for a bit, how’d you hone in on your sound? 

In the early days, we all stayed in one lane of what we listened to. When we graduated high school we really just started listening to more music outside of our norm, I think being inspired by certain artists we just wanted to make something that felt like our own. Something that hasn’t been done before. 

Any writing collaborations? Who produced the album? 

We wrote with a few people on this album. Including Sara Davis, Cleve Wilson, Cameron Mitchell, Jeremy Lutito, and Chad Copelin. The album was produced by the talented Chad Copelin, Jeremy Lutito, Cameron Mitchell, and ourselves. 

 We love some of the punchy, raw instrumentals, feels like an album that is meant to be played live, true? 

Absolutely true. When we’re writing we’re always thinking about how it’s going to be played live. The most fun is when we actually sit down to learn how to do something live and it feels even better than we could imagine. Ballet is one of our favorites to play live and it was also one of the more difficult ones to flesh out how we’ll pull it off. 

 Can we expect shows & touring to follow?  

Lots of shows and touring coming up. Be on the lookout. 

Besides this excellent album, what else should we be on the lookout for? 

Obviously shows and touring, but also hopefully some live versions of some of our favorites from the album. 

What’s inspiring you right now outside of music? 

We all have hobbies we are passionate about. I’m really into motocross and riding dirt bikes with my family, Troy is an avid tennis and hockey player so we’ve all been LOVING watching the Dallas Stars crush it in the playoffs, and Brandon is really into golf and building things. 

Must have “what” to be a band & remain friends? 

Boundaries and an understanding of how each other operate. There’s so many cooks in the kitchen when you’re in a band and so many personalities running rampant, so if you can have solid communication and understanding of how someone is feeling, I think that’s the most important thing. 

Who are your Ones To Watch? 

Joey Valence and Brae are definitely on the list, and Turnstile. This one isn’t super new but the buzz and community they’ve created is so inspiring to us. 

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