Là˜Là˜ Is Done Feeling Sad on "u look stupid"


Photo: Justin Alexis

Toronto musician Là˜Là˜ channels anger, cynicism, depression, and more into pop-punk magnetism on her latest single, "u look stupid." The singer-songwriter has created a striking space for herself online and on stage with her effortlessly cool attitude and cutting lyricism driven by an undeniable sonic presence.

Fueled with angst, Là˜Là˜ ambivalently delivers her ex a piece of her mind over pummeling, grunge-evoking guitar riffs that go hard and do not relent. "It’s about standing up for yourself and letting people know you can’t be fucked with," says the artist. "When I first wrote ‘u look stupid,’ I was in a place where I had been writing a lot of sad songs about my most recent heartbreak. I finally got to a point where I was simply done being sad about it and was ready to start saying, 'fuck u.'"

This sentiment and "take no shit" energy is especially evident in lyrics like, "You got a shit heart, perfect for a dump truck / Boys that call us trashy thinking they can fuck us," and "it’s funny how you keep on talking shit, but no one’s listening." Although the song is short, it’s anything but sweet and inspires listeners to take back their power from people who have wasted their time and energy.

The corresponding music video, although relatively simple in concept, is as equally engaging as the single. According to Là˜Là˜, because the song came so naturally to her, she wanted to take the same approach with the video and avoid overthinking it. "Justin [Alexis] has directed all of my videos for this EP, so we have a really good understanding of each other. At this point, we basically can finish each other's... sandwiches," expressed the singer.  

The video includes various scenes of Là˜Là˜ singing alone or sitting at a table surrounded by dressed-up skeletons. As the track escalates, so do her antics, at one point throwing a cake in the face of one of the skeletons, which she did admit was the most fun part of the shoot. "Once I changed my mindset, the song really poured out with a bunch of lyrics I thought I’d never actually release. But I got to a point where I just didn’t care anymore - so I just went for it! Since I didn’t overthink the song, I didn’t want to overthink the video either. So we ordered some skeletons off of Amazon and dressed them up stupid, and had lots of fun with it."

Là˜Là˜ is currently wrapping up a 35-date tour in support of New Found Glory and Less Than Jake. When asked about her experiences on her first-ever tour, she shared, "It has been the actual TIME OF MY LIFE," and that her favorite part has been getting to go on stage with New Found Glory every night and singing the Hayley Williams' parts in "Vicious Love." "I can honestly say that NFG is the best band I’ve ever seen live," adds Là˜Là˜. "It still boggles my mind that I get to be a part of that every night. They’re such cool guys, and I feel honored to be a part of their show."

Additionally, she is set to release her forthcoming EP overkill in November. According to the singer, the EP is about the last few years of her life and being too emotionally open. "I love honesty in songs. It’s the only way I know how to express myself. I like to just say whatever I’m thinking or feeling, even if it’s a little overkill. 'u look stupid’ is probably the song that was the most born from actual word vomit. I like to think that throughout the EP, the message of not taking yourself too seriously is constant - I think ULS is a great cherry on top of that message."

Watch the  "u look stupid" video below:

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