Lourdiz, Lil Gotit, and the Relentless Hustle of "Suicide Down"  [Premiere]

Photo:  Annie Noelker

The highs and lows of building oneself from the ground up are abundant, but it's often these very extremes that fuel the addictive thrill.  

18-year-old songwriter and artist Lourdiz is no stranger to the hard work it takes to succeed. Despite her age, she possesses an intricate collection of life experiences, fueled by a passion for the hustle.  Uprooting her life in San Antonio, Texas she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a full-time songwriting career. Hitting the ground running, she quickly worked her way into rooms with heavyweight artists, writing for the likes of Anitta, G-Eazy, and R3HAB.  

A little over a year ago, her family followed her to the golden coast, possessing only a single car to the family name. Hustling for her family and inspired by their rich Mexican heritage, her writing draws on personal experience and perspective, infusing ear-bending sonic elements of Latin and hip-hop.  

Her second single to date, "Suicide Down," featuring Lil Gotit, is a bold and blunt demand for what she wants. The hook "Don't give me no mouth / Give me the power / Just leave the money and you can go / Don't give me no clout / Don't give me the funny / Just give me the money and you can go" over snapping 808s and a hypnotic, thumping bass evokes savage feels, dripping with swag and confidence.  

The visual companion plays with light, perspective, and contrast. Lourdiz spoke further on the single, sharing,  

“'Suicide Down' is about extremes. Life's all ups and downs and you have to keep hustling to get to where you wanna go…  When we were coming up with ideas for the video it was important to me to have trees in there,  For me, they symbolize peace and my home life out of the city back in San Antonio when shit was peaceful."  

Listen to  "Suicide Down" and check out its accompanying video below:


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