Meet Macey, Aotearoa’s most real and relatable up and coming artist.

With his mix of connective rock and roll and vivid storytelling, Harry Parsons, better known as Macey, takes us on a deeply personal and authentic journey with his new album “The Lovers”.

Naturally authentic, grounded and laid back by nature, Harry was exposed to music and creative passions for as long as he can remember.Growing up in a musical family, there was only one path he knew he could take. Macey’s raw emotions and experiences represent universal feelings, and creates an artistic and real piece of work we can all resonate with.

At a dainty bar In Mt Eden, we had a chat with Macey and dove into a deep exploration of who he is and what he’s about. Starting from the beginning we learned more about his upbringing and creative influences, we find out how he fits his life around his passion and what advice he’d give to his younger self.

If you were a type of cheese what would you be?

I’d like to think I would be something quite gooey but at the same time I think I could be a cumin gouda because it tastes delicious but it has little complicated bits in it. I think I'm more than a brie or a camembert…or maybe I’m a comte which is a firm cheese from France. I’m comte.

Take us to the beginning, what was your childhood like?

I grew up with a dad who was a bassoonist in an orchestra. From day dot you’d go into his office and he was either playing or listening to music, he had the biggest classical music CD collection I’ve ever seen. That’s where it all started. Of course I'm gonna play music, that was my example.

I loved Green Day and I wanted to be like Billy-Joe Armstrong because I thought he was fucken cool. I remembered hearing Boulevard of broken dreams on the Edge's Top 10 when I first got to New Zealand.

That's where it all started, and listening to the Beatles in the car because that was the only CD we had. Eleanor Rigby sticks with me because I thought it was such a sad song even when I was 8.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened to you?

Soul on your sleeve, connective and introspective. It’s just about the human experience. I want it to be a cathartic experience, but it also has bops you can shake your ass to, but you would be shaking your ass whilst also crying.

What has been your single biggest influence on your music?

From day dot I enjoyed creating something for myself, painting, drawing, sculpting, and anything creative. I always wanted to create something of my own. It's always been there, this innate drive to just do it and be as good as the people I looked up to.It was the only thing I could do, so it better workout.

How did you have to adjust your lifestyle and routine to fit your music career?

Pick and choose carefully.I find jobs where I can make it work, I try to turn up and be the barista for the day then I can leave and it's gone so I can focus on my music. That's why I chose hospitality because it fits. I hate hospo enough not to care but still love it just enough that I want to be good at it.

What song on The Lovers album represents you the most?

I’ve changed so much since the album came out but honestly, all of them are me. The one that sticks out is “Who really gets what they want”.That one is me in a nutshell, tongue and cheek, wtf is happening but still carrying on with it all. It's just three minutes of self-deprecation and wallowing.

 “Our Last Trip to the Beach” is so real, it is a literal story where I try and draw the listener in and paint a picture. It represents my work quite well.

What has challenged you most on your journey?

Comparison.I think the hardest thing for me on this journey is trying to remember that you are on your path.

What's positive about my journey is that I can wrestle that demon and put him to rest 9 out of 10 times. Earlier on in my career that was my biggest blockade and It slows you down. It's hard to stick to you and know everyone's journey is going to be different and your time will come.

Being in the music scene criticism is bound to happen, how do you handle it and continue to live positively?

Not well. I try to listen to criticism from my loved ones. If there is criticism from a stranger, it makes me laugh because usually It's not even criticism about the music, it's something physical and not something that comments on your artistry.

But, If it's constructive, it still hurts but lately this year especially I’ve been trying to take it as something to improve on

If you had a message for 10-year-old you, what would you say?

Drugs are temporary good feelings, so watch that one.

A choice is just a choice, a decision is just a decision. Decision anxiety is something I’d try and help him with because ruminating is just going to cause you stress and saying no is just as powerful as saying yes.

Don’t compare yourself, and don’t try to be someone you are not and make sure you have that backbone.

What’s next?

I’ve got album number two brewing with 30-something demos.I will probably put on a summer show with some of my mates.Next year planning on going overseas for a few months, probably London and Manchester, just to be on the ground there and try to book a show, hang out write some music and see some of the world.

This last album was so close to home and a very incubated experience, the next album won’t be, I want to try and write from a different perspective.

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