Maggie Lindemann Joins Forces With Sleeping With Sirens' Kellin Quinn For  "how could you do this to me"

After the release of her highly-acclaimed debut EP PARANOIA, alt-rock queen Maggie Lindemann has returned with “how could you do this to me,” featuring Sleeping With Sirens’ very own Kellin Quinn. The single is the second track released from Maggie’s upcoming debut album, SUCKERPUNCH, set to release later this year, and picks up where her debut left off, with Lindemann unapologetically spearheading a generational movement of acceptance.

“how could you do this to me” opens with an audio clip of Lindemann stating, “Okay, we need to fucking talk,” before launching listeners into a high-octane track full of mosh-inducing percussion and catchy guitar riffs. The artist wastes no time demonstrating her incredible vocal range on lines like, “Now I lay me down to sleep / Tell me do you think of me in your dreams,” and “Feel me wrap around you until you scream / How could you do this to me,” perfectly matching the fierce energy and emotion Quinn brings to the track.  

“It’s literally a dream come true to work with Kellin,” Maggie admits. “Sleeping With Sirens has been my favorite band since middle school, so this is kinda surreal to me. He absolutely killed it, and I could not be happier with the song.”

Quinn of course doesn’t fail to also shine on the single. With his signature vocals weaving in and out of the song’s highly intense sonics, “how could you do this to me” becomes a powerful pop-punk banger that leaves listeners wanting more.  "Maggie is so so talented!“ Kellin shares. "Was so excited to be a part of this track! I think Maggie is next in Line! She’s a star!”

Lindemann announced the title of her full-length recently with an official website for the album that unlocks special content (liner notes from the artist, BTS videos, song demos, release dates, music video trailers, etc.) upon completing puzzles/ciphers. The site, conceptualized by Lindemann, takes inspiration from an unlikely source. “SAW is one of my favorite movies ever, definitely my favorite scary movie franchise. I love the complex puzzles and the mind f+++s that happen throughout. I liked the idea of using games and puzzles as a way to unlock different clues around the album. I wanted you to feel like you’re decoding something to find the answers. It’s pretty fun and hard as fuck,” shares the inevitable alt-rock star.

Watch the  "how could you do this to me?" visualizer below:

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