10 Questions With Magsy on His Life and New EP 'Brite Nite' [Q&A]

Photo: Kristen Jan Wong

Magsy has that stop you in your tracks, nod your head, and begin to dance vibe that is impossible to resist. We fell in love watching him do the same to great effect in his video for "Noisy Mind" where his charisma and quick feet punctuated the catchy tune. Wanting to know more about this promising Bay Area artist, we sent a love letter of questions about his latest EP, Brite Nite, life, and more.

Ones To Watch: Who is Magsy?  

Magsy: Magsy is your new favorite feeling. 

What is Brite Nite all about? 

Brite Nite is a contradiction. The production doesn’t sound like the sentiments of the stories and that makes for two different experiences; listening alone and listening with friends. I wrote most of these songs about impressionable moments that all took place at night. "Noisy Mind" is when I walked alone for hours at night to cope with a breakup, "Midnight Blue" is about a drive up the 1 where we left in the middle of the night after a tragic loss in my family, "YDK" is about seeing an ex in my hometown pub, "Favorite Feeling" is about one of the best nights of my life, and "Truth Is" is written about me giving into a bad habit for a girl. All of these stories get replayed in my head the exact same when I listen to the project. It could have very well been a sad boy ep, but to be honest I’m bored of that.

We love your retro pop sound on the EP. How did you settle on the sound?

I think the big '80s drum and synths were a perfect tool to add energy and nostalgia to the stories I wanted to tell. It felt authentic and more importantly gave the songs a sense of strength. 

Any collaborators on the EP? Who produced it? 

Yes, I was lucky enough to be joined by incredibly talented producers and writers. Seamus McNamara and Jordan Kulp produced "Truth Is" and "Noisy Mind," my good homie Dwilly made "Midnight Blu"e with me, Hazeyeyes produced "YDK," David Halsey produced "Favorite Feeling," Romeo Testa wrote and vocal produced "Truth Is," and Ryan Curtis wrote and vocal produced "Favorite Feeling," "YDK" and "Noisy Mind." 

Are you in love with '80s synths and drums as much as Brite Nite suggests? 

Short answer, yes. I get made fun sometimes in writing rooms because of but idc. I can’t help what feels good haha

Can we expect more of this style in the future, potentially on an upcoming album? 

I have a few singles coming out soon that definitely could have been on Brite Nite, but after that, I plan on releasing an EP named Drunk Dinner that is much more unfiltered both lyrically and musically. 

Besides this excellent EP, what else should we be on the lookout for? 

Be on the lookout for my name popping up on live show tickets. It’s going to be so much fun to play these emotional high-energy songs to a crowd.  

What's inspiring you right now outside of music? 

Working with my hands is a way that I have always balanced my mental health. Music is so intangible so it’s really gratifying to see your hard work pay off in “real time” so to speak. Oddly enough, the lessons in making furniture or even digging ditches have made me a better musician. This kind of balance is what I refer to when I say, “renaissance.” 

It's PRIDE month. How does that matter to you as an artist ?

I grew up in San Francisco with a very open-minded family so every month is pride month if you ask me. Wholeheartedly. Anyone apart of the gay community is a pathfinder creating a new normal and that is very inspirational for any artist trying to make their life in art feel normal. 

Who are your Ones To Watch? 

Without a doubt, I’m always amazed with artists like Petticoat, Bipolar Sunshine, Peter Fenn, Sèamus, and Mickey Darling to name a few. Check them out! 

Listen to Brite Nite.

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