Mai Anna’s “Trash Bag” Is a Love Letter to Emotional Baggage

Have you ever been through a tough breakup? One that requires you to turn your life upside-down because you keep seeing traces of a past romance? One that makes you rethink your relationship with the past, memory, and love itself? Truthfully, I can’t relate, but I know someone who can.

Enter Mai Anna, the 23-year-old who makes her return this month with “Trash Bag,” the long-awaited single from one of New York's best-kept secrets. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the Queens singer-songwriter, but thankfully Anna’s new single makes it feel like she never left. Over dulcet vocals so hauntingly beautiful that I can feel myself reaching for the phone as I type this, Anna delivers listeners a powerful anthem about the pain of separation and finding the strength to move on.

On the origins of her new single, Anna reveals that it “came out of a conversation I had with my guitarist about the pains of finding remnants from an old love. I talked about rediscovering past letters, finding the courage to throw them out, and what it felt like trying to let go. The song tells that story and is an encapsulation of those bittersweet feelings.”

With more music hopefully slated for release before the end of the year, Anna is quickly changing our brain chemistry with each and every release. For those looking for sad songs to decorate your sad playlists pre-cuffing season, then look no further, for now might be your last chance to become an early fan.

Listen to "Trash Bag" below:

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