Mallrat Enters a New Era With the Unapologetic "Your Love"


Photo:  Kat Neisler

Grace Shaw, better known as Mallrat, has delivered the perfect pop anthem for the month's proclamation of passion and burning desire. Unable to hold back her emotions, Mallrat takes control of her newfound power of unrelenting fervor on her latest single, "Your Love."

Redefining bedroom pop, Mallrat offers a strikingly fresh sound on "Your Love" that is unique to her discography yet remains true to her innovative production. Mallrat's skill at candidly unleashing her burning desire for love is reflected throughout her persistent lyrics. She claims "I don't care if I'm wrong, I'm a writer / I'm on alive, and I'm on fire," speaking to her impenitent desire for love.

Paired with the new track, Mallrat recalls what it was like to visually capture feelings of zeal. "I shot the 'Your Love' video in Tasmania with my friends James Robinson and Amy Dellar (Director and Cinematographer). My favorite shots are in the final scene - it was 1 am and we spontaneously decided to shoot on the football field. And then the sprinklers came on and it was magic," shares the artist. The video for "Your Love" reflects the untamable wanderlust aura that Mallrat masterfully captures throughout her track and is a reminder of the innate power held in declaring one's feelings unapologetically.

Watch the  "Your Love" video below:

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