marinelli Has Fallen In Love With "Sarah"

Photo: Neema Sadeghi

Oof, my heart. marinelli is back with a tear-jerking single entitled "Sarah." It's a beautiful, slowburn that tells the all-too-relatable story of falling in love with someone and wishing for nothing more than being with them.

"Sarah" opens with warm acoustic guitar riffs leading the way, propping up the singer's smooth, cozy vocals and setting the scene of the story. marinelli tells us all about "Sarah," what she does for a living, and her mannerisms, including how she "talks like she wears spectacles." He admits that "she makes my heart run in big, big circles / She makes my head jump over big, big hurdles" and how all he can think about is her. As the instrumentation begins to build, with twangy electric guitar lines, solid bass, and steady percussion filling out the sonic space, he further illustrates just how much he's falling for her and wishes that things could be different so that he could be "her man."

"One summer evening last year, I got dinner with a journalist and had an enormous, immediate, and doomed crush on her," shares marinelli. "I was hanging on her every word. At one point, I went to the bathroom, and the first half of the song came to me in there. I woke up at 5 the next morning, ran to my guitar, and the rest fell out of me."

The upcoming concept EP, Sarah's Birthday on the Beach, is a five-track body of work that marinelli explained "is a story about Sarah, and this is everyone's introduction to her." Following the life cycle of a love found and lost, the record, which will be out this August, is a vulnerable work sure to leave the hearts of anyone who listens aching and appreciating the pleasures and pain of love, making the quote "Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all," all the more true.

Listen to "Sarah" below:

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