Monet Ngo's Debut Single "Lonestar" Is a Cathartic Start to a New Chapter


Photo: Johnny Villarin

This week budding indie rock darling Monét Ngo hits the scene with his debut single "Lonestar," a hazy and hypnotic love letter to life's lows, the feat of perseverance, and everything in-between. Though technically our hero has released a small batch of tracks on Soundcloud prior to today, "Lonestar" feels like reinvention in its purest form. Blending elements of indie rock and punk with a clear affinity for R&B and pop melodies, Ngo delivers originality that is just as refreshing as it is understated.  

Ten seconds into "Lonestar" and Ngo's knack for songwriting makes itself immediately apparent, demonstrating a skill that belies his age. Synthesizing a complex emotional register with carefully-crafted vocal performances, "Lonestar" weaves together a universe held together by distorted vocal layers, heartfelt writing, and steady percussion tracks. Ngo's washed-out guitars and psychedelic melodic contour sound like the sacred lovechild between Jean Dawson and George Clanton, but what sets him apart is an artistic exuberance waiting to be explored.

"Writing has always been a way for me to let out all my angst and frustration about whatever i'm dealing with in the moment. This song is very much all of that. An embodiment of that low, but also proof that you can keep going and push past whatever you are dealing with and turn it into a cathartic release. Its been a long time comin, but i'm finally releasing my first single and i'm very excited to show you all the stuff i've been working on," shares Ngo.

If you're anything like me you've been scrambling to assemble your springtime playlist, but luckily for us, "Lonestar" is the perfect addition to any and all upcoming weekly rotations. With more music and visuals likely coming down the 2022 pipeline, now is the perfect time to place Ngo firmly in the center of your radar.  

Watch the  "Lonestar" lyric video below:

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