Nana Lourdes Delivers an Off-Kilter Diss Track With "Fuck Up Person"

Coming to you straight from the middle of nowhere, Portugal, Nana Lourdes is back with a sparklingly caustic track targeting a nameless and faceless “Fuck Up Person.” In the third single leading up to her debut album, Wyoming, Lourdes brings her characteristically eclectic take on indie/electronic pop to a genre-defying soundscape that is at once playful and incisive. 

Over the last two years, the 27-year-old has proven her instinct for unexpected musical mélanges time and again with a host of dance-driven and beat-heavy tracks, all self-produced and mixed. She’s claimed inspiration from ‘00s pop to Tame Impala to “that one LeAnn Rimes song,” and we hear as wide a spectrum of influences infused into her latest single, “Fuck Up Person.” 

On it, Lourdes stitches together a veritable amalgam of instruments—from laid-back horns to sounds of a distant piano—with a host of synthesizers and whirring electronic trimmings. Paired with the thick layer of reverb and autotune she lays over her vocals, it’s as if the song has been stretched out and contorted, its sonic elements flattened until they’re tinged with a tinny and carbonated edge. It’s breezy and blithe, but ironically so, with the lyrics telling a different story, “You’re a fuck up person / You just fuck everything up.” 

Set against a casually upbeat backing track, Lourdes finds a way to make the abrasiveness of the lyrics comically blunt. We can hear this tongue-in-cheek attitude saturate the entirety of the song, whether it’s Lourdes playing with empty space during an astral mid-song break or testing the laws of musical gravity, juxtaposing floating vocals and lightweight bells against heavy chimes and bass drums. Off-kilter and carefree, you just can’t help but sing along to the snippy diss-and-dance track as she repeats, “Maybe there’s more to less / When there is less of you.”

Whether this “Fuck Up Person” is real or imaginary, we can’t wait to see more of Lourdes in her debut album, Wyoming, out November 11. 

Listen to "Fuck Up Person" below:

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