Noah Floersch's “Thompson's Station” Is the Soundtrack to Your Wanderlust

Indie-folk’s newest supernova, Noah Floersch, has released the second single from his upcoming album, and it’s a heart-wrencher. 

“Thompson's Station” is the soundtrack to all of life’s greatest nostalgias: first loves and hometowns, wanderlust and comforts. In my head it plays behind the rosy-hued montage halfway through a coming-of-age movie. It’s youthful and naive in its wholeheartedness, but mature in sound. Most of all, “Thompson's Station” is genuine through and through, as listeners will come to understand Noah Floersch as, too. 

Floersch builds the arrangement with bits of twinkling instrumentals, compiled to create one glowing track. The acoustic guitar wanders down a nostalgic path, inviting rich piano chords to blossom warmly as it winds. Noah Floersch repeats one line as the refrain throughout the song: “I will run away with you one hundred thousand times before I live one life without you by my side…” Over the opening’s soft arrangement, this lyric is romantic and flushed. But as a driving, yet unobtrusive drum beat joins the march, a bit of determination filters into the sound. Now, the line strikes with an edge of desperation, a pleading, rather than the simplicity of a dedication. 

Once again, Noah Floersch demonstrates his awe-inspiring knack for storytelling, painting the kaleidoscopic scene of “Thompson's Station” both lyrically and sonically. The components of his arrangement come together like a layers of a scrapbook page – individually, each instrument tells a story, but together, they become parts of a whole. Meanwhile, the lyrics are recolored by the scope of the song, saying the same thing but embracing different meanings as the track flourishes. 

“Thompson's Station” is a vibrant indicator for the decadent album to come from the steadily rising folk artist. Draped in a nostalgic glow, Noah Floersch’s sound is unparalleled, and we are definitely watching for what’s to come. 

Listen to “Thompson's Station” below:

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