Oliver Tree Is Equal Parts Meme and Alt Pop Superstar on "Bury Me Alive"

Rising alternative star and internet icon, Oliver Tree, returns with another single for his long-awaited debut album, Ugly is Beautiful. Don't let the signature bowl cut and pink puff jacket distract you from the fact that Oliver Tree has consistently been putting out music that is pushing the alternative genre into new spaces. Oliver Tree refuses to follow rules or expectations.

His cartoonish faćade and off-mic antics make him a musician that you cannot help but pay attention to. Nevertheless, tracks such as "Alien Boy," "Hurt," and the more recent, "Let Me Down", speak volumes in ways that internet memes cannot. Oliver Tree has been pushing back the release of the album and cites label disputes as the main factor. This has only built anticipation among fans who are excited for a full-length project.

"Bury Me Alive" features Tree's trademark vocals, but the track showcases an old-school hip-hop influence as Oliver Tree merges new and old ideas in a refreshing way. The instrumental is eerie with staccato piano and ominous synth lines. The video behind the track is equally as absurd and directed by Oliver Tree himself. Tree is seen running around a railroad at night with a pair of prosthetic testicles glued to his face, which adds to the chaotic nature of the track.

"Bury Me Alive" is another addition into Tree's growing catalogue of catchy and animated alt pop music that doesn't take itself too seriously. If "Bury Me Alive" is any precedent of what's to come, then "Ugly is Beautiful" is bound to be an uplifting album that provides color in an uncertain and dreary time.

Watch "Bury Me Alive" above.

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