Oliver Tree's "Cash Machine" Is an Anti-Consumerism Anthem Set on the High Seas

Oliver Tree is one of the most exciting figures in music. Whether it be his signature bowl cut, comedic artistry, death-defying razor scooter stunts, Tree is an artist that warrants and commands your undivided attention.

To welcome December, Tree has graced the world with  "Cash Machine," the first taste of his debut album, UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL.  "Cash Machine" is a powerful alternative track complemented by a chaotic and eye-catching music video. "Cash Machine" opens up with nothing but a few acoustic guitar chords and the distinct vocals of Tree, capturing a genuine raw feel before welcoming a plethora of hard-hitting drums. The bass and drums crash in as Tree echoes the track's refrain, "You're spending like a cash machine / To cover up your insecurities," delivered with a sense of passion and strain that only Tree could make work so well.

Along with the exhilarating single, Tree brings forward a self-directed video to showcase his artistry and ability to jetski. The video is a hectic four minutes of chaos. The viewer is able to watch Oliver Tree drive a pinked-out car-boat hybrid while combatting an antagonist in a yellow bodysuit. The video furthers the track's themes of consumerism and using material items to cover up underlying insecurities and flaws. Along with the deeper themes and insightful performance by Tree, it is a joy to watch Tree in his signature windbreaker flying around on the open waters, avoiding underwater mines and firing up a molotov cocktail.  

Oliver Tree has proved once again that he is more than a meme. Whether it be the innovative production, the vastly entertaining visuals, or a vocal delivery that sets him leagues apart from any of his cohorts, Tree is doing things exactly how he wants and the world is taking notice.  

Watch the video for  "Cash Machine" below and keep an eye out UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL, which is set to drop March 27, 2020:

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